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January 2020

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The Motivation Wasp

Melanie, a 15 year-old client, shared one of the things holding her back was not being able to get out of bed on time. She was continually being late for school and not getting her household chores done. Understandably, this was causing disruption in school and at home. She was desperate to change this but felt she couldn’t achieve it, getting up seemed impossible to her.  

I asked Melanie if she had any dislikes, such as spiders, etc. She said she hated wasps. I wondered aloud what she would do if a wasp was in her bedroom - would she stay in bed? She said no, she would shoot out of bed instantly! I asked Melanie to imagine a wasp in her bedroom when she was next struggling to escape her bed, highlighting it will only work if she wanted it to. She seemed a little reluctant but said she might give it a try. 

Melanie attended the next session saying the technique had worked! And she had managed to be on time for school all week. She also used this motivational technique to give her the energy to get chores completed, which resulted in a happier home. 

To protect confidentiality, all material here has been provided with consent, or has been disguised, adapted or several examples merged. Real names are not used. 

Melanie could not get out of bed

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