We can help you to make better sense

of what’s happening in your life

Our team

Here for whatever life throws at you

We believe it's our dedicated staff and volunteers that make us who we are today. All of our teams work together to help find the best ways to support you and meet your needs. We have approaching 40 male and female counsellors, group facilitators and trainers across a range of ages and life experiences with a wide variety of specialist skills and supported by a team of 6 highly qualified clinical work supervisors.


'Behind the scenes' there is a small team of dedicated administrative staff and a large pool of treasured volunteers doing everything from making the appointments to decorating the counselling rooms and sitting on our board as Trustees.

We also run a café on our Altrincham site - now open 9-5 every day - offering hot and cold drinks and food at very competitive prices from a lovely location nestling in the corner of Stamford Park - again with a very small staff and a pool of cheerful volunteers.