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Gain clarity in a calm, safe,

undisturbed environment

More information on relationship counselling

Working on issues to find lasting ways of moving forward as a couple

How long does counselling take?

Counselling lasts for as long as you and your counsellor feel it is helpful (subject to any funding constraints), and your counsellor will help you to plan your sessions and identify what you both want to achieve whilst you are with us.

What if we have to cancel?

If you can’t keep an appointment for any reason, please let us know. As the appointment is for you both, you will both need to attend every session unless one of you decides not to continue. If you are paying, a charge will be made if less than 24 hours’ notice is given. If you are accessing our subsidised sessions all missed appointments will count as one of your sessions. If you miss 2 appointments in a row and we can’t contact you, we will assume that you do not want to continue with your counselling right now. 

How can I be assured of my counsellor's professionalism?

All our relationship counsellors are fully qualified and have had additional specialist training in working with couples. They receive professional structured clinical support from our team of accredited and/or highly experienced and qualified clinical supervisors. We are Accredited Organisational members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and are bound by its ethical framework for good practice.

How many counselling sessions do we have to come to?

Every relationship is different  - so how long counselling takes will depend on your specific needs as a couple. Your counsellor will help you to plan your sessions and identify what you want to achieve whilst you are with us.

Can Counselling help with separation?

Yes. Counselling is a very effective way of negotiating a separation or a divorce. It can help you to process any emotions that you might be struggling to deal with, or bring the relationship to a conclusion with as little pain or misunderstanding as possible.
If you need help making arrangements about finances or children, we recommend seeking mediation.

Do you see same-sex couples?

Yes. We don't discriminate between different types of relationship.

Will my counselling sessions be confidential?

Yes, counselling sessions are confidential.  However, there may be exceptions to this, for example, if your counsellor believes you, another person, or themselves to be at serious risk of harm, and particularly if there is a child at risk. In such an instance the counsellor will raise this with you, and discuss their obligation to take the matter further via their clinical supervisor and the Clinical Services Manager. Other relevant professionals may need to be involved but this will be done carefully and with your knowledge. If you and your partner separate after counselling we would always need the permission of you both to release any information, such a your assessment paperwork, to either of you or your representatives.

Where do we offer appointments?

We offer our services at a number of locations around North and South Manchester. 

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