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Life After Bereavement and Loss

Bereavement and loss support group

We offer free Zoom video sessions for those experiencing loss 

6.30-8pm Wednesdays hosted by Fariha

In our weekly group sessions, we aim to provide a safe space to allow the feelings and emotions to unfold, be expressed; whilst hoping that this helps in making sense of things, understanding more about loss & grief, managing safely in a non-judgemental environment, as every individual, every relationship and everyone's grieving process is unique. 


Whatever your particular loss, Fariha will be there to listen with compassion and care. 


Please email Fariha for further details:


Grief is a normal part of the human experience. It is a necessary process to go through when we experience the loss of someone or something that we loved, needed, felt connected to and that held meaning in our life...


Excerpt from 'Why has nobody told me this before' a book by Dr Julie Smith published by HarperOne

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