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Do you know what matters to you?

What is really important?

Individual counselling

Learn more about yourself

We can help you make better sense of what’s happening in your life. You will learn more about yourself, sort out what your needs are, and decide what’s really important to you.

You will never be judged or criticised, and anything you share is kept in confidence (excluding child protection issues).

There’s no minimum or maximum number of counselling sessions you have to come to. You can come for as long as you find it useful, and finish when you like, but please work with your counsellor before ending so that together you can come to a helpful conclusion.

How can we help you?

  • Deal with low mood or feelings of depression

  • Deal with feelings of anxiety, helping you worry less about things

  • Cope with a bereavement, loss or relationship breakdown

  • Cope work-related stress including redundancy

  • Work through the problems associated with domestic violence or talk about abuse

  • Feel more confident and address low self-esteem

  • Manage strong emotions or anger

  • Understand yourself and your problems better

  • Understand why addiction has been a part of your life

  • Cope better with the addiction of a family member  

  • Come to terms with issues around pregnancy and birth - whether in the present or in the past


With our help and support, these feelings and symptoms can be managed, and we will work with you towards a successful recovery.

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