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Flexible counselling to accommodate

complex family relationships

Counselling for Families

Supporting and strengthening families ties 

Family counselling

Families can be a source of support, love, encouragement and joy. Sometimes however families are put under strain and family members can start to feel isolated, overlooked, upset and angry. Family counselling can also be useful for adult siblings and when there are splits and conflicts in any adult family relationships. You may be having difficulties with your grown up daughter or son. There may be problems with in-law relationships. Wherever help is needed the only criteria is that you are related to each other.


Family Counselling is very flexible, it has to be as every situation and every family is unique. Your Counsellor will work with you to plan future appointments or to guide you towards one of our other services if that seems more appropriate. Please note, when help is needed to resolve issues that are clearly couple problems and between adult sexual partners, married or unmarried, we will suggest a course of Couple Counselling with one of our specifically trained Couple Counsellors.

Family counselling deals with all stages of family life cycles:


  • Families with young children, arrival of a new baby

  • Families with adolescents

  • Forming couples/ divorce or separations

  • Stepfamilies/ new relationships

  • Children leaving home or moving in

  • Ageing parents, and changing roles and responsibilities

  • Bereavement and dealing with loss

How can we help you?

To access all Family Counselling, one of your family members needs to contact our centre on behalf of all those intending to come for an assessment. The receptionist will need information about each person coming for the first appointment.

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