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Women's Race

Run for CFC in 2024

These guys are doing amazing things for CFC

Want to support or join them?

This year we were so lucky to have a number of people undertaking challenge activities to raise money for our charity. Read about their exploits below. Maybe make a donation... Maybe take on your own challenge for CFC in 2024... More about fundraising for CFC here >

Team CFC - Running Alty 10K

Lisa Reid, Marlene Neil, Matt Wild, Laura Nash, Anna Lowe, Naomi Ledwith, Reece Thompson and Ben Reid ran the Altrincham 10K for CFC on Sunday 17 September. They did brilliantly in their lovely t-shirts and have so far raised £1,135 for CFC. They are still hoping to get that to a target of £2000. You can add your donation to recognise their valour and the good work done by CFC.


Sponsor Team CFC Alty 10K on JustGiving here > 

You could run for CFC in 2024! Visit the Altrincham 10K Official web site >






















Jada - Skydiving for CFC

My Name's Jada.

I never thought I’d do a Sky Dive! This is something I’d been wanting to do for a while but kept putting it off. Not only was this a challenge to conquer my fears but to raise money for a Mental Health Charity who are saving lives everyday and making a difference to peoples lives. I can’t imagine what the world would be like without Mental Health facilities like CFC! 

Thanks for your donations in helping CFC to continue saving lives and supporting those with Mental Health. 

Jada completed her challenge on 27 August, and in drifting down to earth raised over £550 for our charity. Well done Jada!


JustGive here >



Noor - Running for CFC

Hi, Noor Hemani here.


Thanks so much for even considering donating to CFC. I've run TWO half marathons to raise money for the Counselling & Family Centre:

  • Bristol Half Marathon on 14 May 2023

  • Edinburgh Half Marathon on 28 May 2023

These are the first half marathons I've ever run.

Well done Noor!

You can donate to CFC via Noor's JustGiving page >


Nuria - Walking for CFC

Nuria and a team of intrepid mountaineers (below) took on the challenge of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in April.


I'm Nuria!

I am pleased to report that ALL18 people who started the incredible challenge of walking the 3 peaks successfully completed the objective. The weather was better than expected and we all managed to finish under 12 hours. We are suffering from stiff and aching joints but as a group we have managed to raise £7,170 for CFC and still growing! Thank you for taking the time to follow my updates and THANK YOU for all your donations!

Nuria, that's simply amazing news. Well done to you all and thank you for choosing CFC!

Nuria's JustGiving page is still accepting donations >

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