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Online / phone session payment page

Paying for counselling? Please use links below. ESSENTIAL - So we know what you are paying for, please use the Add a note section in the shopping basket to tell us the name of your counsellor and the date and time of your session. THANKS!

Counselling during Coronavirus

How do we continue to support clients?

The centre is operating with a reduced number of people on site. We are providing online video and telephone counselling and an increasing number of socially distanced, risk assessed face-to-face sessions. New clients please call us on 0161 941 7754 to register.

Zoom online video counselling

If you would like video counselling, then this is offered via the Zoom video conferencing App. Please see the following for help getting started with this:


Payment and counselling is online, but you still need to contact CFC to register so we can confirm your regular weekly session time and counsellor. Payment in advance.

Telephone counselling 

We also offer telephone counselling. This is overseen by the admin team at CFC and your counsellor would telephone you each session. Payment in advance.

Paying for counselling

All telephone and online sessions must be paid for in advance (except where you are accessing free sessions). At the present time, you will understand that we are stretched financially and in terms of our staff. We would prefer if at all possible that you pay for your sessions using our secure, online, WorldPay links above.

If you cannot do this, then our admin team can take card payments over the phone. At the centre, we can take cash and contactless payments.

  • We ask you pay at least an hour before the start of your scheduled session so we can communicate this to your counsellor.

  • As our appointment office hours are now reduced to Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, payment for any evening sessions must be made before 4pm.

  • Payments for 9am sessions need to be made the previous working day. e.g. if you have a 9am appointment on a Monday, please pay before 4pm on the previous Friday.

When registered, you will be made aware if you pay £5, £20, £45 or £60 per session. See here for the charging bands or contact us if you are unsure. Some free sessions are available for those on a limited income.