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Counselling in Bury 

The Counselling & Family Centre, Bury

CFC and Relationship Hub merge

We are pleased to announce that the Counselling & Family Centre in Altrincham have recently merged with The Relationship Hub Northwest, based in Bury, to form a single registered charity.


The charity will now operate under the umbrella of the Counselling & Family Centre. Together with the Counselling & Family Centre Altrincham, the Counselling & Family Centre Bury, will continue to deliver counselling services for adults, families and couples seeking relationship advice and support. Please click Home to view other services and information we provide.


You can visit us at:

9 Parkhills Road



Bury office opening hours:

Mon - 10am to 3pm

Tue - 12pm to 8.30pm

Wed - 12pm to 8.30pm

Thu - 10am to 4.30pm


Cal us on: 0161 764 4113

Email us on:


You can also follow us on Twitter at CFC_Alty and Facebook at @CFCALTY

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