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Your effort can transform lives



Every year, we need to raise the money to ensure that help is available to anyone struggling in emotional distress at the time they need it. Your fundraising and support can transform lives. Just £10 a month can help us support someone struggling to cope with paralysing anxiety and low self-esteem caused by the loss of a job - either through counselling or supported volunteering, enabling that person to regain confidence to rebuild their life and gain employment.

By fundraising in your community for The Counselling & Family Centre you are helping to combat the harmful stigma surrounding mental distress by raising awareness of the need to think and talk about mental wellbeing - as well as raising vital funds to ensure help and support is available when it is needed most.

If you are interested in becoming a fundraiser for The Counselling & Family Centre, please contact us by telephone on 0161 941 7754 or by emailing

Download our complete guide to fundraising for CFC here.

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