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Magic wand

Counselling Adults, Children & Young People

Waving your magic wand in therapy

Magic wand

This technique is used if a client does not seem to have much of a direction, or if I have not managed to easily identify their issue/goal. It works well for both children & young people and older clients.

​I use this Magic Wand technique after the initial assessment. I feel this is the best time, as they have already met me and are at the first of their contracted sessions, usually the first of eight.

​Holding my pen in my hand, I ask them:

​If this pen was a magic wand and you had one wish that would allow change or would improve something for you .. what would you ask for?

NB with young people I do tend to highlight that I don’t have an actual magic wand!

​Clients will usually laugh initially, but then they dig deep within themselves and share what they hope to achieve or what they would like to change.

This technique allows me to bring a direction in the session. Something which we can explore and work towards if at all possible.

Given many clients usually only have up to 8 free counselling sessions with me, this technique can encourage them to use their sessions more productively.

To protect confidentiality, all material here has been provided with consent, or has been disguised, adapted or several examples merged. Real names are not used. 

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