Community Garden

Community Allotment

CFC Allotment

Wellbeing through working with greenspace

Wednesdays & Thursdays 10am-2pm


The Counselling & Family Centre has been developing an allotment in Altrincham. 
Groups, schools and individuals have had the opportunity to grow and to cultivate our therapeutic community plot. 
We have studied the benefits of working with horticulture and vegetation and how this can promote increased wellbeing and mental health. 
Some of those potential benefits for individuals working with greenspace are:

  • reduced anxiety/stress

  • reduced depression

  • improved physical activity

  • and reduced social isolation. 


This community outreach programme, wellbeing through working with greenspace, has enjoyed a roaring success and we are now responding to increase the opening hours for the local community to gain more access to the project.

The allotment will now not only operate each Wednesday from 10am to 2pm but now also every Thursday at the same time.

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Mindfulness and Managing Stress sessions

Thursdays 11am-1pm from until 21 July 2022


We will be holding Mindfulness and Managing Stress sessions at the Community Allotment on THURSDAYS - from 11am until 1pm up to and including 21 July with Jim Sales from the Counselling & Family Centre in Altrincham.  

Working with Jim, who has many years of experience as a therapist, we will explore your own personal stress and use mindfulness as one of the tools to navigate your stress in a safe environment. We will build on that work over a number of weeks exploring techniques to improve wellbeing.


The event will be held outdoors on our wonderful community garden in Well Green (just five minutes from Altrincham by car). The 284 bus leaves from Altrincham interchange to Well Green. We border Altrincham/Wythenshawe/Hale so are accessible from most parts of Manchester.


There will be chairs provided and some parking available, loads of spaces for bikes. 


Please bring a drink or a snack with you and maybe your own cushion for that extra comfort during the mindfulness session.  


The sessions are completely free and are part of our Community Wellbeing project to support residents of Trafford/Manchester manage stress and become more resilient physically, mentally and emotionally.


This is a part of an ongoing programme of support, we will be introducing sessions on:


Introductory BSL, singing as part of a group, learning to play the guitar, working with willow, drawing sessions, arts and crafts, working with wood and much more. 


Interested?  Then get in touch with Jim as below.


More information

Are you interested in being part of this exciting project or do you know of a group that would benefit and like to contribute to this project? 
If so then please contact Jim at the Counselling & Family Centre by emailing: 

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