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Support for Staff & Teams

Corporate services

Develop your people. CFC offer a variety of business skills workshops and wellbeing courses both in-house or offsite depending on your organisation’s needs.  All of our trainers have corporate and/or counselling & psychotherapy backgrounds that can support your organisation through periods of change, and help to shape a culture of resilience, improved communication and positivity.


Being a counselling based organisation, we specialise in employee self-development and wellbeing enhancement with organisations, from helping your people to recognise and manage stress, to supporting teams through periods of structural change, redundancy and preparing for retirement. CFC has a wealth of counselling and psychotherapy experience, combined with backgrounds and understanding in corporate environments and we can offer pre-developed training courses or can tailor courses and approaches to your requirements.

Give your staff the skills and tools to balance work and home, enable them to become more effective in their communication and give them the opportunity to embrace change. You can learn to provide guidance and support to those approaching retirement or affected by redundancy and promote a healthy minds culture at work, supporting emotional resilience.


Our corporate training programmes include:

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Mental Health First Aiders Programmes + Ongoing Support

  • Coping with Covid

  • Group Facilitation Skills

  • Build your Assertiveness

  • Emotional Intelligence at Work

  • Managing Emotions in the Workplace

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Change Management

  • Stress Management

  • Building Self Esteem & Confidence

  • Leadership Development

  • Bereavement in the workplace

  • Suicide awareness

  • Equality & Diversity

  • Managing Conflict at Work

  • Menopause in the Workplace


What can you expect to see change?

  • The workplace becomes a happier place to be, which attracts the best talent prospects.

  • Employees become much more efficient, motivated and output improves.

  • Your key people stay with the business and the teams they work with, consequently staff retention improves

  • Disruption costs reduced or eliminated.   

  • Employees take fewer days off with mental health symptoms and if they are unwell they stay off work as they should without fear of reprimand.


Why choose us?

All the wellbeing in the workplace training is delivered by experienced trainers with counselling backgrounds. That means that every session is delivered by a person who is at the frontline of mental health issues in their work, which brings understanding and expertise to a sensitive subject.


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