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Representing the community

Working in Partnership

The Counselling & Family Centre, an Accredited Organisational member of The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, work with a number of other organisations in partnership to provide counselling and psychological support. Below we describe our work with Trafford Community Collective, L&Q through CleanStart, and with the National Probation Service.

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Trafford Community Collective

Trafford Community Collective is being driven by five Lead Partners, located across the North, South, West and Central Neighbourhood areas of Trafford.

These Lead Partners are contributing to the strategic development of the Collective by building membership, representing the sector and communicating and co-ordinating partnerships.  

The Counselling & Family Centre is a lead partner providing mental health support for all over the age of five years old, across Trafford. This is achieved primarily through counselling for children and young people, for adult individuals, adult couples and for families.


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The Counselling & Family Centre is commissioned by L&Q to work with CleanStart in Stretford. We provide two counsellors for half a day per week each on CleanStart's premises. As well as this, we are to provide a weekly structured support group and 7 and a half days of training in Mental Health Awareness and Addictions Awareness.

CleanStart's vision is to support neighbourhoods helping them become safer, stronger, cleaner and greener. They are a social enterprise, which means that they are able to offer a great range of services whilst re-investing their profits into the local community. They provide employment, training and support for those who may find it difficult to secure jobs elsewhere. 

L&Q (formerly Trafford Housing Trust) had always assisted ex-offenders to resettle on their release from custody. However, they felt that a lot more could be done to help reduce re-offending. And so in August 2008 CleanStart was formed initially creating a Void Clearance team, who would be employed to clean and clear their empty properties. CleanStart employ people on a fixed term contract, rolling employment initiative helping them to become economically active by providing them with training and support. In turn this results in a reduction in re-offending rates and unemployment both of which have a positive impact on the local community.

We were delighted when the unique nature of this work was recognised in the April 2020 edition of Therapy Today magazine.

See CleanStart's website for more information.


National Probation Service

Funded by the Oglesby Charitable Trust and working in collaboration with the Moss Side Probation Office in Manchester, we provided counselling support to those on probation. This service was tailored to meet the needs of both the probation service and its service users.

The counsellors working in this part of the service were fully qualified and had additional training. All CFC counsellors attend regular one to one and group clinical supervision and engage in continuous professional development.

Despite the coronavirus outbreak, we continued to provide counselling remotely on the telephone, until the end of the programme.


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